Published: 2012-08-17

Can They Both Lose?

So, Obama and Romney are both pretty terrible, huh? But don't think this is the usual "pick the lesser of two evils, that's America" drivel, it's not. I really, really despise both of these individuals, and there's nothing "American" about it. Here's why.


Change we can believe in, huh? Change, like assassinating American citizens, appointing Hollywood to run copyright policy for the administration, and hunting down whistleblowers after promising a transparent administration. Need I go on?

That's enough for me. Nevermind not closing Gitmo, and letting Iraq and Afghanistan drag on. His mishandling of the healthcare debate is just icing on the cake (I personally favor a decent single-payer plan).

Will the country come to an end if Obama is reelected? Absolutely not. But he needs to be punished for so thoroughly abandoning the people who supported him.


My dislike of Romney is a little more subtle since he hasn't actually been the president, so he has no "record" to criticize. Of course this more or less embodies who he sems to be: a fake.

For example, from his campaign web site:

In approaching the nation's fiscal challenges, President Obama has repeatedly called for a "balanced approach," by which he means cutting spending but also raising taxes. That may sound appealing on the surface. However, the reality is that before President Obama exploded the size of the federal government, our existing tax rates were more or less adequate to pay for the government we needed.

OK, first of all, what he's saying is that we should bring back Clinton? Because that was the last time our budget was balanced.

He says he wants a tax system that is more "fair", but he seems to think it is perfectly fair for capital to be taxed at a lower rate than labor. That isn't fair in my book.

He says he wants the tax system to encourage entrepreneurs, but that seems to be code for "lower taxes for the wealthy". But those two groups don't actually correlate. In fact, a single-payer healthcare system would probably do more to encourage entrepreneurs than a relatively small reduction in the highest marginal tax rate by lowering the risk associated with starting a new business.

Update: I almost forgot to mention gay marriage! Full legal rights for gays, lesbians and other individuals with non-heterosexual orientations is, in my opinion, the defining civil rights issue of our generation. Anyone who does not support full legal rights for these individuals should not be elected to a student council, let alone to the presidency.

Romney fails this test miserably and his campaign is too cowardly to even name the issue. The word "gay" does not appear on the site and the discussion of gay marriage is hidden at the bottom of the page titled "Values".

Marriage is more than a personally rewarding social custom. It is also critical for the well-being of a civilization. That is why it is so important to preserve traditional marriage - the joining together of one man and one woman. As president, Mitt will not only appoint an Attorney General who will defend the Defense of Marriage Act - a bipartisan law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton - but he will also champion a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.


I really don't want either of these men to be president. I don't trust either of them to make good decisions, and I don't trust either of them to improve life for myself and the majority of other Americans.

So what to do?

I don't know. I guess I could vote for someone random, or I could throw a shoe at one or both of the candidates. But really, there just isn't anything I can do, and that is decidedly un-American.