Published: 2013-03-18

CLI Webcam Capture

I wanted to have my webcam take pictures while I'm gone during the day so I can see what my cat does all day. After searching for a couple minutes I found a good answer on Stack Overflow:

Basically, you can use VLC ( to do just this. The command is pretty long, but it's fairly easy to understand. However, this doesn't seem to work from cron, for whatever reason (though it works wonderfully when manually invoked).

vlc -I dummy v4l2:///dev/video0 --video-filter scene --no-audio --scene-path
/home/george --scene-prefix autocap_ --scene-format png vlc://quit

So, back to the drawing board. After a bit more searching, I found a post on the Ubuntu forums: The posters suggested using a program called streamer. This was easily installed and it seems to work perfectly from cron. Note that the trailing zeros are automatically used to generate sequential names.

streamer -c /dev/video0 -b 32 -s 640x480 -o

If I end up finding this useful (in other words, if my cat actually spends a significant part of the day in view of the camera) then I will add a cron job to delete the old pictures every couple days.