Published: 2012-09-04

Hiking Mt. Sentinel

This past weekend I decided to be a crazy outdoors guy and go for a good solid hike. I started out hiking the "M" trail and figured I'd call it quits there or maybe a bit above (chubby kids from the midwest have to ease into this stuff).

Curiosity got the better of me and I kept going. Here are some nifty pictures. Someday I'll have a phone with a fancy camera on it, but until then the pictures will be low quality.

First up, taken on my way up to the "M".

Going Up

Next, just past the "M" looking north-ish to the Rattlesnake area.

Near M

Obligatory self-deprecating picture of myself.

Fat Guy

I found a creepy cave somewhere along the way. I might move in this spring.

Creepy Cave

Making it to the trees was exciting. I love the smell.


Lonely dead tree. Beyond is (I think) East Missoula and the Clark Fork heading east.

Lonely Tree

This is as far as I got. Almost to the top. I'll bring more water next time. Pretty impressive view either way. I love the mountains.

Turn Around