Published: 2012-09-09

Mt. Sentinel: Part Deux

Went hiking on Mt. Sentinel again this weekend. Brought enough water and made it to the top pretty easily this time. Went down the back side this time, which was easier and more scenic, but longer.

Saw a deer on the "M" trail. This is about 9:45am when I started.


The top! Finally! Now I can find another hike to conquer. Looking at downtown Missoula.

Missoula from the top

Sweaty, out-of-shape guy.


The trees on the way down were pretty nice. Provided some shade.


The route I took down.

Route down

The trail down was really beautiful. The crappy cellphone camera doesn't do it justice, but it reminded me of Lorien, in LOTR.


At the bottom looking back up at where I was. I was pretty proud of my chubby self.