Published: 2010-09-23

New Digg

Note: This was originally posted to my Tumblr blog 23 Sep 2010.

A ton has been said about Digg v4 (the "new" Digg). Very few of the complaints have been applicable to me.

I don't have a Digg account (that I recall). I've never submitted something to Digg. I don't vote on articles on Digg.

However, I've been reading the front page and the tech section for quite some time now. But no more.

The thing that really killed Digg for me, the casual reader, is the new pagination system.

When you get to the bottom of the page on Digg v4, instead of going to the next page you now just reveal more articles on the same page leaving a trail of stuff you've already seen above. I hate it.

It's cluttered (I would often read a page then go back to click on links) and serves no real purpose that I can see.

Oh well, more time to spend surfing Reddit.